Our Work


The anthrax bioterrorist attack on media outlets and US Senators immediately following 9/11 highlighted the security risks that existed at the United States Postal Service and demonstrated the need for better technology to monitor the mail processing system for threats. MDCI’s team of engineers, software developers and industrial designers were able to deliver a specialized working prototype that ensured safety to USPS millions of workers and customers. Read more details about USPS BDS here.

USPS Prep Stations

Designing an ergonomic workplace has become a central focus for senior management and human resources professionals alike. The United States Postal Service is no different. MDCI configured a simple and elegant solution that presented the mail at the right orientation for the operator and then exported the trays with electric rollers. The result was the production of 800 units for the United States Post Office facilities. Read more details about USPS Prep Stations here.


In conjunction with Northrop Grumman, MDCI provided 100 Flats Sequencing Systems designed to further automate the flats mail stream, which includes large envelopes, catalogs and magazines. FSS represents the next generation of flats automation by sorting mail to the delivery sequence of each carrier, thereby reducing manual sorting. Flat mail is a labor-intensive category of mail to process and deliver due to variations in size and thickness. Read more about the USPS FSS solution.


This easy-to-use cabinet with a compact footprint securely stores, dispenses and tracks distribution of scrubs, giving you full visibility of your inventory and usage. It comes paired with our fully-managed scrub rental and laundry program, which includes UHF RFID-chipped scrubs, enabling us to quickly scan scrubs for accurate tracking and traceability.

Weka Smart Fridge

The supply chain challenges that surround vaccine distribution, storage, and management are prolific and inhibit a healthy world. While the industry has poured billions of dollars into developing better drugs over the last century, very little has been done to improve the distribution, storage, and management of those drugs. Weka Health Solutions, a software and solutions provider to the pharmaceutical industry, wanted to develop a smarter supply chain solution for vaccines. The team of engineers at MDCI designed a dispensing system that automates all aspects of vaccine administration so that health care providers can focus their time on the patient. Read more about the Weka Smart Fridge solution.