The MDCI Automation Process

1)      Research: We conduct market research to discover product strengths and weaknesses in order to grasp the full scope of each individual project and put you ahead of the competition.

2)      Develop Concepts: Our engineering team will collaborate with you to explore, brainstorm, and model technology solutions based on physical characteristics, operational requirements, user experience, product safety, ergonomics, production costs, throughput/cycle time/rates, etc.

3)      Develop Product Specification: We analyze and interpret all gathered information and work with you to develop a product specification to align with your business, technical, and marketing objectives. This specification will be the basis of the development proposal.

4)      Phase 1 Design: Our team of engineers and your assigned project manager will get to work and begin the engineering process (mechanical, electrical, controls, software programming, etc).

5)      Prototyping: At the end of the first design phase, MDCI will produce a (or multiple) functional prototype(s) for the purpose of testing design functionality and user experience.

6)      Phase 2 Design: We will analyze and interpret the results of testing the functional prototype and will incorporate any necessary changes to the design. The result of this process with be a first article for testing.

7)      First Article: We will analyze and interpret the results of testing the first article and will incorporate any necessary changes to the design for serial production.

8)      Documentation: All work that MDCI does is work for hire – which means that you own the design. At the end of the development process, MDCI will hand over to you a technical data package that will include all drawings, BOM, and any requested documentation (user manual, service manual, quick start guide, etc).

9)      Serial Production: MDCI has a 30,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Hatfield, PA where we do are set up to do serial production of your product or system.